Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay per click (PPC) starts by a company paying a fee to advertise on a search engine. When a customer searches a keyword in the search engine an advert appears which will direct potential customers to your website.
Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are often used as a short term measure for a new product or website launch. When used as part of an integrated online marketing strategy, pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be extremely beneficial.

Why is PPC Important?
  • PPC campaigns drive traffic to your website.
  • More traffic means you gain more sales resulting in maximum possible return
  • You can control how much you spend
  • You can target specific regions
  • You can control your campaign, turning it off and on during peak or quite times
Here is what you can expect from my pay per click services:

Attract Targeted Website Traffic & Qualified Customers
Attracting qualified and targeted website traffic is the #1 determination of success for any pay per click campaign. It requires a deep understanding of the target's search intent and behavior. I will get in the head of your consumer and learn to think and search like they do. My job is to attract targeted traffic and provide a relevant solution for their search needs.

In-Depth PPC Keyword Research
The foundation for any pay per click campaigns is solid, comprehensive keyword research. My approach to PPC keyword research takes into consideration several different sources that guide the keyword strategy for the life of the campaign. Pay per click keywords are organized into tight-knit, highly organized groups based on relevancy and searcher intent. Once launched, I will monitor and optimize your keyword lists so your product or service remains relevant with your target consumer.

Advertising content development & landing page optimization
Landing page optimization is a critical part of PPC. At Waseem Saddique Marketing, I'll test your landing page headlines, body copy, calls-to-actions and more to make your content more relevant to a users search. I also recommend additional content to be added to your site and constant testing of PPC ad texts to increase the likeliness of your PPC ad being clicked on. 

Pay-Per-Click Reporting Can Improve Your Campaigns
One of the most significant aspects of pay per click advertising is the availability of data. Every PPC search engine offers on-demand reporting that enables you to accurately, and effectively manage your campaigns. However, each search engine takes a slightly different approach with PPC reporting. And beyond approach, each search engine provides a PPC report for nearly every facet of your campaign - ads, keywords, Content Network activity, etc. Discover how a properly used pay per click report can boost your performance. 

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
Be sure to stand out in the marketplace by researching your competition first. I constantly look at competitor ads and landing pages to determine how to stand apart and give your site the advantage to the end user which can increase clicks and revenue.

Bidding & Budget Strategy
I manage all pay per click budgets and keyword bids with the end goal in mind: generating the highest ROI possible. With careful, insightful planning and optimization, Hanapin maximizes every keyword in order to achieve its full potential.

Pay-Per-Click Conversion Tracking
Tracking conversions should be considered one of the most important parts of your pay per click campaign. The ability to see which search engine is driving traffic to your site is great information to have, but if you don't have visibility into which of those visitors converts into a sale, lead or customer - what's the point? Learn how I implement, verify and use PPC conversion tracking to improve your PPC campaigns!

Google Quality Score & Yahoo Quality Index Optimization
The Google Adwords Quality Score and Yahoo! Quality Index are complex algorithms that require constant upgrading and management to your PPC account. Waseem Saddique Marketing specializes in increasing your Quality Scores through a series of ad text testing, PPC account structure, adding relevant keywords and improving the user experience on your landing pages. More about Quality Score.