Friday, 23 November 2012

‘Video Vitality’ - Waseem Saddique Marketing Services Unveils the Benefits of Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing has become a revelation in the marketing industry and Waseem Saddique Marketing Services has unveiled some of the key benefits of video marketing, so that businesses can adopt this growing trend to add greater vitality to their online marketing efforts.

Waseem Saddique says: “Online Video Marketing is a powerful tool to possess when it comes to revamping an online marketing campaign. Video Marketing is known to increase traffic flow to websites and hold audience attention for longer.”

With the introduction of 4G technology, increasing bandwidth sizes, the consumer experience of video has greatly improved as buffering has been reduced, or in some circumstances, completely eradicated.

Yet there’s so much more that Online Video Marketing has to offer:
  •  Video Marketing ‘attracts a broader consumer audience than written content’

For the ‘lazy’ consumer, video provides an alternative to scrolling through text. The majority of consumers respond to visual stimulation, therefore an Online Marketing Video has the potential, not only to reach a wider audience, but to increase curiosity.
  • Video marketing ‘stimulates the senses more than text’

Video marketing engages sound and vision, a far more attractive proposition to the consumer than ‘lifeless’ text. The saying goes ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and in the case of video marketing, images will leave a lasting impression and increase the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign.
  •  Video marketing ‘enhances the longevity of an online marketing campaign’

Videos are accessible on a constant basis and they are also transferable. Videos can be linked via social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), they can be posted on websites and also posted on specialist video hosting sites such as YouTube.
Such activity means that the longevity of Video is sustained and because it can be accessed on the go, there is no limit to the reach an online video marketing campaign could have. No matter where a person is, access to video is viable.
  • Video marketing  ‘increases search ranking prominence’

The use of online video marketing is understood to increase prominence on search engines such as Google and Bing. Video is known to take precedence over text based content. A great example is YouTube, which is always ranked highly due to its video content. Linking videos to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will also enhance search ranking position.
  • Video marketing ‘oozes professionalism’

Research has shown that consumers consider online video marketing very professional if done well. Consumers feel they can rely on a company that conveys a message of professionalism and video marketing has gone a long way to changing customer perceptions of many organisations.
  •  Video marketing ‘can rejuvenate ‘tired’ content’

Video marketing has the potential to add a fresh perspective to standard written articles. Many businesses have converted articles into online video clips and the message is conveyed in a completely different way. Audiences experience a different approach and in turn become much more responsive if content is reincarnated in video form.
  •   Video marketing ‘is simple and effective’

Putting together an online video marketing campaign is very straightforward. The majority of people turn to market leader, YouTube, in order to create a video and they provide a tutorial to assist in video creation.

Waseem Saddique concludes: “Online Video Marketing offers an alternative approach to standard marketing options, but one of the major benefits of video is that it has no determined lifespan. Unlike text, which has to be refreshed and updated to bring it back to life, video endures much longer, saving time and saving money, a good combination for any organisation.”