Thursday, 14 August 2014

Webmasters informed of Faulty Redirects

Online marketing specialists from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham reveals Google’s efforts to inform web-masters of faulty redirects for mobile users.

Search engine Google is persistently pushing to make websites more mobile-friendly, not just wanting sites to advertise on mobiles, but for them to make their website simple and effective to use on a mobile device.

Through implementing mobile sites, site owners often make mistakes which leads to faulty redirects.

Google have announced that they will begin to send messages to mobile users with English search results in the United States in order to give users the opportunity to continue to the page they were looking for.

Notifications and statistical information is available within Google’s Web-master tool.

A Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing consultant from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham has said “It’s great that Google are making an effort to reach out to site owners with faulty redirects; not only does it help the site owners to see who has visited their website, it helps us advertisers to ensure that visitors are given a second chance to view advertised content.”

With on-going recommendations from Google, site owners are able to find effective solutions to making their website more use friendly.

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