Friday, 6 January 2012

Brazilian tourist boom boosts Brazilian property market

The growing tourist trade in Brazil is having a positive effect on the Brazilian property market according to Waseem Saddique, CEO of House Tech Developments. 
Although based in Sutton Coldfield, Waseem Saddique has vast experience of the Brazilian property market particularly in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Saddique has a number of Brazilian property development projects under his belt and has been recommending Rio de Janeiro as a prime property investment hotspot for many years. 
How is tourism helping the Brazilian property market? 
Statistics recently published by world leading travel provider Expedia have revealed that there was a staggering 90% increase in demand for holiday bookings for Brazilian destinations throughout 2011. 
Waseem Saddique comments: “The rise in Brazilian tourism is boosting the property market because demand for holiday rental apartments in Brazil is hitting record levels. This is having a particularly profound effect on new build properties, which gives property investors a very low level market entry point.” 
What does the future hold for the Brazilian property market? 
Mr. Saddique describes the Brazilian real estate market as an ideal starting point for property investment because Brazil offers beauty, a low cost of living and a unique opportunity to own 100% of the land and property that any investor purchases. 
As the tourist trade continues to soar, the Brazilian economy also grows stronger. Waseem Saddique concludes: “Purchasing property in Brazil and in particular Rio de Janeiro, would be an astute move, as the economy is very stable when compared to the rest of the world.”