Friday, 23 December 2011

Brazilian Property Market will Continue to Grow until 2017

Waseem Saddique talks about Brazil’s real estate market and identifies how the current market is booming, offering massive investment opportunities for potential property investors, looking to make a sound and secure investment in an industry that is struggling everywhere else in the world. 

Taking evidence from a recent report released by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), Brazil’s real estate boom has been attributed to a number of factors including a government program, which has seen them invest millions of dollars into a scheme known as the ‘My Life, My Home’ scheme. However, there is so much more to entice investors into the Brazilian property market. 

The attraction of illustrious sporting events such as the Fifa World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games set to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 has seen the need for housing and development rise to staggering heights. 

Furthermore, a number of oil rich areas of land have also been discovered off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, making Brazil a prime hotspot for real estate investment. Rio de Janeiro in particular has also been highlighted as a major tourist hotspot, ranking as a top six destination for holiday makers. This means that property investors have been buying up property in the city with a view to letting them out as holiday homes or to sell onto developers for substantial profit margins. 

Although a specialist in the Brazilian property sector, Waseem Saddique is from Birmingham, UK where he also runs a successful marketing services company, therefore he understands the hype that marketing can create. 

Waseem explains that: “2017 has been used as a definitive date, as beyond this period an air of caution needs to be exercised. In the aftermath of the 2014 Fifa World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, there will be a period of uncertainty as to how the Brazilian property market will sustain itself.” “It would be wrong to assume that housing demand would continue at the same rate, therefore, it’s only fair to say that beyond 2017 there is a higher element of risk involved when it comes to property investment.” 

Mr Saddique adds: “Although it is unclear what lies beyond 2017, for the time being at least, the Brazilian property market presents an attractive proposition for any property investor.” 

A recent report released by the Holiday Lettings Insight Organisation, backs up Mr Saddique’s comments, particularly for those investors who are interested in purchasing property in Brazil with a view to renting them out as holiday homes. 

For instance, in Sao Paulo, the report highlights high yield returns of around 7.25% for properties that are rented out to holiday makers, presenting a fantastic return on any investment made by property investors.