Friday, 30 November 2012

Waseem Saddique’s Google Guide: Get the Coveted Google Top Spot for Christmas

Birmingham based marketing adviser, Waseem Saddique, provides a guide to guiding your business to the coveted Google top spot.

Waseem Saddique asks: “Do you have a website? Then chances are you want that website to feature on top of the pile when it comes to the Google search engine. The primary aim of any website should be to attract targeted traffic, the type of traffic that converts ‘browsers’ into customers.”

Access to targeted traffic can be achieved by hitting that sought after primary position on Google. This can be done by identifying those prime keywords associated with your website. Whilst it’s not overly difficult to achieve top spot on Google, it’s imperative that the right keywords are utilised in order to reach that sought after first position.

Waseem Saddique says: “In short you need to target those keywords that people will actually search for. A simple enough principle, otherwise effort is wasted.”
For clarification purposes, the 3 quickest ways to achieve a page one ranking on Google and begin an ascent to top spot are as follows:
  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – This generates the organic results on Google and makes up the main listings.
  2.  Google Ads – These are results sponsored by Google and these will be featured at the top of the page and to the right hand side
  3.  Google Place – This is something that can be done by an individual via the Google Business Centre.

However, it is highly recommended, should your budget permit, to do all 3.

What should I choose if I can’t afford all 3?

Waseem Saddique comments:  “A good question. It depends on your overall aim. There are benefits and pitfalls to employing just one tactic. The only sure way to cover all the bases is to implement all 3 tactics.”

“Here’s an overview of the options so you can decide for yourself what best suits the requirements of your business.”

SEO – This tactic should be implemented if you’re looking for a long term solution and consistent success in your drive to reach the Google top spot. However, this approach does require patience as it takes time to achieve. Google will punish you if it’s achieved too quickly. Aside, from being penalised, the SEO option is arguably the most sensible approach for the online marketing of a website.

Google Ads – If it’s instant attention you seek for your website then Google Ads is the solution. The upside is that it gets your website on the first page of Google immediately; the drawback is that there is a cost for every time someone clicks on your advert. For those on a tight budget, cost implications will need to be considered and a careful assessment of keywords will need to be undertaken to ensure that the right people are clicking on your advert.

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