Monday, 20 September 2010

Waseem Saddique - Marketing Consultant and Sales Expert

Waseem Saddique has worked with over 50 businesses providing marketing services, marketing consultancy and sales training that have and can include:

  • Internet marketing consultancy to improve the way that you market online and to integrate it into your marketing plan
  • To act as a branding consultant to ensure your marketing messages and image are consistent with what you want to achieve
  • To provide innovative and cost effective marketing strategies to develop new business at a reduced cost compared to "normal marketing methods"
  • Training your sales teams on how to close more deals
  • Reviewing your existing sales process to modify it and to give your sales teams the best chance of success
  • To help you formulate a strategy for your marketing in line with your company goals
  • To help you develop a marketing plan that you can easily put into action!

...or it could be a simple as just reviewing what you are currently doing and making recommendations. Whatever the challenge, Waseem can assist you!