Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Attract more sales leads from your website!

Little things in marketing make a big difference so first class attention to detail throughout all online marketing projects comes hand in hand with the service.

Would you like to attract more sales from your website?

Inventive and cost effective online marketing strategies can develop new businesses and expand existing companies at a reduced cost compared to the average online marketing methods.

It’s important not to turn your entire site into a sales pitch; you should be connecting with people and using your site to provide information and ideas. You need to think; what is your website telling your audience about your business? Your website gives your business the opportunity to shine; it alone has the power to kill or supercharge the response rates.

The quality and content of your website has to encourage people to completely trust you and see you in a professional capacity. If my marketing initiatives haven’t generated the response that I hoped for I often ask myself ‘why?’ and more than often I find the answers I’m looking for.

I ensure that my company websites showcase the business skills; I tell the reader why they should come to us and not the competitors.

I often create a page called ‘our services’ or ‘what we do for you.’ I make this a key marketing page where I can showcase what the company has to offer. I make it my chance to win over the viewer, I tell them what my company can do for them and why coming to us rather than a competitor will benefit them.

Calls to action are key! However overdoing them can look like desperation. I ensure they’re placed strategically, preferably after a sales pitch where I have just boasted about the service that my company has to offer.

Attractive content is a must when it comes to website design. It is very important to me that the design of a website is attractive; it needs to grab people’s attention. Websites also need to be user friendly. Simple navigation keeps users happy.

A great piece of advice I can give is to take a back seat and look at your website as a whole, you’ll be surprised at what could be improved.