Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Promote your business with effective article marketing

Waseem Saddique discusses the value of effective article marketing.

When used correctly, articles can add real value to any marketing campaign. Communicating the unique selling points of a business, via article marketing, has proven to be a tried and tested method that has stood the test of time and is still widely used to generate leads and promote businesses.

Such is the value of article marketing that companies are making massive use of article submission sites and witnessing tremendous results in terms of the returns they are seeing in respect of lead generation and lead quality.

Waseem Saddique offers six article marketing strategies that offer fantastic potential for 
growing your business:

1. Utilise article submission services – In order to do this, manual submission is perhaps the most popular technique. The majority of internet marketing specialists would advise that this is cost effective and swift. Most article submission sites are free to join and you stay in complete control as you can submit at a time that suits you and you can write your own articles.

2. Mass submission of articles – This is also a popular technique amongst businesses. With this scenario, businesses tend to write one article and produce several versions of the same article (known as spun articles). However, this is probably better used when employing a service to distribute articles on your behalf.

3. Minimalist submission – Very few businesses submit articles to only 1-2 directories, however, those that do, tend to benefit as they are very selective as to which article submission sites they choose to use. Selective article marketing saves time and money and if done correctly can really drive traffic to your website.

4. Submission to the top ten article sites – Most marketing gurus would recommend this option as it offers a middle ground to mass submission and minimalist submission. It is merely a case of selecting the best article submission sites based on page rankings and distributing your articles to those sites.

5. Produce more articles and generate more sales leads – If you are a product selling company, it is worth producing 20 or so articles per day and distributing them to the best article directories on the market. By doing this, not only are you hitting a mass market, but by using the best directories the ‘quality’ of your leads will greatly improve. After all it’s easy to produce a lot of articles and distribute them to thousands of directories. This will always produce sales leads, but quality will always count over quantity.

6. Maximum return – In order to guarantee the maximum return from your articles, do something unique. Use them to evaluate the success of your marketing campaign as article marketing can help to inspire other ideas such as the creation of ebooks or generating marketing videos. With article marketing techniques the possibilities are endless.