Friday, 6 July 2012

The growing trend of Online Video Marketing – Part 3

Birmingham based marketing expert, Waseem Saddique, continues his evaluation following the growing trend of online video marketing. In this article, Waseem offers five inspirational concepts designed to encourage video creativity.

Above all else an online video marketing campaign has to be inspiring and offer something to the audience that you’re looking to target. Consumers want to be given an incentive to choose your business product or service ahead of what your competitors have to offer.

Here are some ideas that can help you on your way:

#1 – Construct your video in a way that educates
Be as transparent as you can about your business product or service, in particular highlight the unique features and the benefits of your product or service and demonstrate them within the video. Keep it short, but make it effective because educating your target audience is the first-step to captivating them and generating an interest in your product or service. The key here is to make your client want to learn more.

#2 – Follow up the education process by answering questions
It’s not uncommon for consumers to ask questions and there are always common questions that come up more than others, so be sure to answer these questions in your online marketing video.

Waseem Saddique advises: “You could even compile a list of the most frequently asked questions about your business product or service and you could produce a series of videos answering each question. This would widen your online video marketing campaign and increase the longevity.”

#3 – Focus on a particular product or service and do an online video marketing review
Identify one particular product or service within your business that would be of particular interest to your sector and do a review promoting the unique selling points.

#4 – Give something back and increase your client portfolio
You can produce an online marketing video purely with the intention of drawing information from your audience, but you would need to offer something in return.  Waseem Saddique comments: “offer a tutorial video, give away an ebook, produce an article (tips and ‘how to’ articles are always well received), offer a free consultation. Whatever it is, make sure it is the best you have to offer, as you can’t put a price on building customer rapport and growing your client list.”

#5 – Produce a video that highlights your success stories as a business
Showing a target audience, via an online marketing video, the results of what your product or service has achieved gives your business credibility. This is where online video marketing is hugely beneficial because if a client can see it, they will quite often believe it!