Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Companies need to get Mobile: Mobile Marketing and Social Media

Mobile Marketing has turned the world into a twenty four hour, non-stop business opportunity.
Implementation of mobile marketing advertisement campaigns have allowed companies to attain a ubiquitous presence in the market; regardless of time or place, everyone is a potential client.

“Mobile marketing campaigns allow a marketing organisation to destroy any walls between itself and its customer base’’, states Waseem Saddique, CEO of Waseem Saddique Marketing Services, ’’It allows a potential customer base to receive instant updates from your network, regardless of time or place.’’

Recent figures exhibit the following; 

  •     Today, roughly 91% of adults use a mobile phone
  •     27% are smartphone users: 59% of these obtaining a smartphone in the last year
The marriage between smart phones and social media sites pose a massive influx of mobile marketing opportunities. The giant of social media, Facebook announced recently that it has begun testing a third-party advertisement network. This poses a massive opportunity for a business advertisement campaign, Facebook currently; 
  •     has 845 million users (Infographic)
  •     accounts for 1 out of every 5 page views on the internet worldwide (Infographic)
  •     delivers 1of 4 online display ads (comScore)
  •     The social media giant has 425 million mobile users(Infographic)
A marketing campaign through a social media site like Facebook, will allow a company to increase its online presence massively.

It will allows a company to be ‘seen’ by a potential client-base frequently; regardless of time or place.

Waseem Saddique states, ‘’A marketing organisation’s ability to advertise through social media sites is becoming increasingly imperative. The dynamic nature of social network sites; expanding into the mobile world in particular allows a company to not only be seen everywhere at any time. It also means that a company is moving with what has appeared to be a powerful social trend, to keep up-to-date with the times means keeping up-to-date with a customer base.’’

The popularity of a social media site also produces a domino effect for the recognition of a company advertised on it.

Through the implementation of a well thought, clever and memorable market strategy, immense publicity can be gained through social network advertisement campaigns; with little work.
If your campaign does the talking for your business, the public will follow suit. Word will spread and your company will gain recognition.

Advertising through social networks not only will allow a company to increase its fan-base to a general audience. It will also allow a company to aim its advertisements at a targeted audience.

Through social networking activity, a company can understand its client-base through their activity on a social network; such as Facebook.

This will allow a company to personally tailor advertisement campaigns around specific audience taste.

A mobile and social marketing campaign can also help a company grow technologically. Mobile advertising in particular requires a company to be more dynamic. The use of mobile services such as compatible ‘Apps’, mobile sites and SMS compatible services make a company more dynamic and accessible.

Furthermore, it is predicted that with the inclusion of Facebook, Mobile should account for “20% of spending by 2016” (eMarketer). Therefore companies need to ensure they are ready for the social-mobile revolution.