Friday, 11 January 2013

Blog Standard: Waseem Saddique Marketing Services Offers Tips on Blogging for Business Purposes

Waseem Saddique provides essential tips for businesses that blog, offering valuable information that will enable companies to maximise the potential of their blogging efforts.

Waseem Saddique says: “A blog can be immensely effective in driving traffic to a website. If done properly, they have the power to transform any business into a thriving arena, swamped with sales and consumer interest. Furthermore, they can significantly increase the prominence of a business, building a reputation as a major player within an industry sector.”
  1. If you don’t have a blog, get one. Blogs can be set up through service providers such as Blogger or Wordpress, but many more exist. They are fairly simple to maintain and provide a great opportunity to showcase the expertise of your business and share it with a wide audience. Should it become a struggle to maintain, outsource it. There are plenty of marketing services that exist to assist in helping a business to keep up blogging efforts.
  2. Use your blog to supply a business audience with information and advice. ‘How to’ articles, tips and information on how to solve problems are extremely popular blog subjects for consumers. Any help that a business can provide on how to solve specific problems are often craved by the online audience.
  3. Make your blog unique and bring your business to the forefront, ahead of the crowd. Provide regular updates that are in keeping with what’s happening in your industry sector. Information provided should be beneficial to your audience, keeping them gripped and attracted to your blog.
  4. Build a community based around your business blog. Target your content to a particular audience through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as this will enhance the possibility of your business blog being shared.  Waseem Saddique states: “All this begins by providing captivating and compelling content, which engages consumers.”
  5. Give a true reflection of your brand and company ethos by taking a step back from the corporate stance and become a member of the consumer community. Strip away the office attire and interact with your audience through conversational content.  Building trust is key and by becoming reliable and trustworthy increases the chances of converting leads into sales.
  6. A business blog should educate, not only the consumer audience, but also the industry sector that your business is in. By building a community of followers it enables your business to identify consumer problems that your company can solve, offering them effective solutions whether that be by way of a product or service.

Waseem Saddique comments: “A business blog can become an effective online marketing resource for companies as it subconsciously wins the trust of the audience and keeps them coming back to your blog when in need of advice or guidance.”

Providing a ‘stand out’ service to your customers will portray your company as superior to your competitors, putting your business in the driving seat within your industry sector and for increasing sales.

Furthermore, keeping prospective customers coming back to the blog will enhance the reputation of the business within the industry sector and greatly improve ranking status on major search engines such as Google.

Waseem Saddique concludes: “By offering products or services in a way that offers a solution to a problem, customers will feel more confident in giving it a try. Trying to be too pushy with a Salesperson type approach is unattractive to consumers.”