Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Online shopping with location based purchasing by Google

Marketing professionals from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham reveal Google’s latest online shopping feature.

It seems Google’s most recent updates are focused on bringing every day online users habits to their offline life. Google’s updated search app for Android features their latest shopping feature not forgetting the recent additions of parking location cards, offline cards and searchable mall directories.

“Users of Android will now start to receive alerts through Google search that will let them know the availability of a product they have recently been looking for. It will even locate the nearest place to buy the product” a representative of Waseem Saddique Marketing Services has said.

Reports show that Google hasn’t revealed how long the application will remember specific items that a user has searched for as of yet.

A software development specialist from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham says “for most of us this will be beneficial and will no doubt see online advertisers gaining more and more conversions through the likes of online shopping. However this won’t be the greatest for those who are just looking around. The whole point of the new feature created by Google is to remind users of products they have recently been looking at, which there is no doubt works from a marketing and PPC point of view.”

There are no specifics to say whether there are any forged partnerships with Google which will allow companies to be featured in these alerts. Marketing specialists from around the world are now asking whether big companies will receive favouritism from Google which will mean they appear a lot more in the featured advertisements.

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