Thursday, 28 October 2010

Netherlands is #1 For Internet Visitor Frequency In Europe

UK ranked second, followed by France and Spain

The Netherlands has ranked highest among European countries in terms of frequency of Internet visits with 78.2 visits per visitor in September 2010, nearly 20 more visits per month higher than the European average, according to a report by the Internet marketing research firm comScore.

The UK ranked second with 71.3 visits per visitor, followed by France with 68.4 visits per visitor and Spain with 63.7 visits per visitor, the report stated.

The report revealed that European users aged 15 years and older accessed the Internet on an average 58.9 times in September 2010.

The 11.9 million Internet users in the Netherlands aged 6 or older spent an average of 31.9 hours online in September 2010, with the Web portals category, which includes Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL, leading the way at 7.2 hours.

Instant messengers ranked second with an average of 6.9 hours per user, followed by social networking sites, such as Hyves, Facebook and Twitter, at 3.5 hours per visitors in September, the report said.

Dutch Internet users spent more time on social networks than on e-mail, multimedia, online gaming, auctions or classifieds sites.

comScore EVP for International Markets Wolf Allisat said the Dutch are rather sophisticated Internet users, as evidenced by their high frequency of usage and engagement with a variety of different online content.