Monday, 25 October 2010

Waseem Saddique Online Marketing

Waseem Saddique has a wealth of experience in all types of the business start up life cycle, from pre-funding, to venture capital financing, all the way to an IPO.

Waseem has recently signed up a new client, within 4 weeks the website was set up and the online marketing campaign was launched. Within the first week the website bought in over 10,000 visitors and as a result, 200 have already signed up to the service, leaving the client amazed at the online marketing results.

Working with over fifty businesses to provide a range of services that include online marketing, consultancy and sales training, Waseem Saddique has the dexterity to help businesses formulate a strategy for their online marketing that are in line with company goals and develop a business plan that can easily be put into action.

Main experiences include online marketing, “Online marketing guarantees to maximise your exposure to customers. I believe a website must give prospective customers a reason to look around and take action. In order to sell a service, establishing trust is vital to make profit.” A number of solutions are used to maximise the impact that a company’s online marketing efforts have.

Other experiences include search advertising and social advertising, including vast practice with consultative services in a business to business environment.

“I make sure that these main beliefs are all fulfilled, so I can be positive that you will increase your number of new visitors, and more importantly give confidence to past and current customers to return.”

A range of online marketing principles are used to make a company successful. The push and pull principle works by pulling people into the website using attractive content, and then pushing the information to them, subsequently making a profit.

“I believe niche marketing has become a vital part of the online marketing industry to be successful, especially with an online business; you need to know your niche, and market directly to them.”

A successful online marketing process is vital for any company to succeed. A wrong online marketing method is not only time consuming but also expensive. Waseem Saddique works with businesses both large and small to help them maximise the effectiveness of their online marketing.

Assistance has been offered to create a plan to improve the way that a company markets online. Waseem’s professionalism has allowed him to act as a branding consultant to ensure that online marketing messages and images are consistent with company goals providing innovative and cost effective online marketing strategies to develop new businesses at a reduced cost compared to the average online marketing methods.

One of the most important factors for many businesses is to have an excellent driven sales team that can exceed monthly targets. Mr Saddique has the ability to train a sales team to excel in closing deals and also review existing company sales teams and modify it to get your company on the road to success. 28/09/2010 - Press Release