Wednesday, 10 November 2010

SEO Expert Waseem Saddique Helps Boost Online Marketing

Waseem Saddique is offering his marketing expertise to help online businesses succeed through Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine optimisation, often referred to as SEO, is an online marketing technique where keywords are optimised in the copy of a website so that it ranks highly in a search engine.

When launching your own online business there are many important factors to take into consideration, but SEO does not always seem to appear to be one of them, Mr Saddique understands that a successful SEO campaign can make a huge difference to your chances of success.

Marketing Guru, Waseem Saddique can make any business shine through SEO. "Search Engine Optimisation is important because it can help your website communicate with your target audience".

Waseem uses different SEO techniques to give a website exposure and gain attention for your business by directing relevant traffic to your website and gain trust.

A website is the most powerful sales technique but if it doesn't rank highly in search engines, it won't get anywhere. Waseem's extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click management systems, allow him to take total control of a company's online marketing campaign to ensure that their website has high visibility on search engines and attract more qualified visitors.

"I can take control and produce powerful marketing campaigns to accelerate traffic to a website. SEO is a major investment for any online business, it produces results that last". If SEO isn't considered at the development stage then major changes will need to be made to the copy, however if your website is developed with SEO in mind, they will be optimised effectively, preventing the need for major changes in the future.

Waseem can take management of the content within the site, the tags used, the links created and much more. His management service can save a company a considerable amount of time. Waseem is able to allocate the necessary time to optimise and run marketing campaign. "Search engines change their requirements frequently. I can secure continued performance by amending the campaign on a regular basis".

Often it is tempting to run certain aspects of your business yourself, but in the long run if your marketing campaign is not successful it is wasted time. "SEO is not something you should take on, unless you are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge on the subject".

Mr Saddique is an online marketing Expert and can run your campaign for you.

This article was also published in the San Francisco Chronicle, it can bee seen here.