Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marketing Expert, Waseem Saddique offers PPC Management

Waseem Saddique is offering his PPC management services to companies big and small all over the world to ensure they are successful.

Guiding traffic to any company’s website is the difference between the company succeeding or not. Waseem Saddique is a marketing expert that takes control of PPC to attract traffic to a website and then sustain it.

“I believe that PPC advertising is the key to many businesses success,” says Waseem.

PPC campaigns can be a more complex form of online advertising but with the attention of a professional, sales will go through the roof. Successful PPC can double your visitors which in turn doubles your profit.

“I aim to encourage qualified visitors. To do this I first analyse the company and its goals to gain a full understanding of the specific business requirements.”

The next stage of Waseem’s PPC management service is to select the most productive keywords and phrases that are the most relevant to the service on offer.

Waseem’s service continues by following the marketing campaign straight through to the end with ongoing monitoring.

“You can’t improve if you don’t measure it.”

Waseem keeps track of campaigns and measures the ROI regularly to ensure that that the campaign is continuing to succeed. Generating ROI reports will ensure that the company understands the effectiveness of PPC by comparing results from the campaign and measuring it against the cost of the campaign.

Waseem has extensive knowledge of PPC management systems to ensure that a business has high visibility on search engines to attract more qualified visitors to the website.

“I understand the changing trends of search engines. I can amend the PPC campaign to secure continued performance.”

Revenue can be increased by the development of powerful marketing campaigns that can accelerate traffic to a website. PPC is a direct, instant service whereas Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing benefit. With Pay Per Click (PPC) you only pay for the visitors that the company receives.

Mr Saddique is a PPC expert and can manage your campaign for you.