Friday, 3 December 2010

Online Marketing Trends To Watch Out For Over The Next 12 Months

The trends online marketing services providers should be looking out for in the next 12 months have been highlighted by one Waseem Saddique.

Writing for his blog, Waseem Saddique suggested one area marketers could be focusing on is cross-channel optimisation, which will become "imperative" due to the rise of social media sites such as Facebook.

He also noted that only around half of conversions involving Facebook used the site as the last click, so advertisers who merely analysed the final step of their marketing campaigns may be underestimating the importance of the domain to a successful strategy.

Bing would be another area marketers should pay attention to, as Mr Saddique predicted the search engine would continue to gain market share.

ComScore's latest traffic report showed the site increased its number of queries by seven percentage points in October and the expert expects this growth to continue into next year.

The company should be accounting for around 20-25 per cent of marketing volumes, he suggested, adding users needed to ensure full keyword coverage to allow for optimum use of the platform.