Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Link Building Expert Waseem Saddique Talks Tips!

Link Building expert, Waseem Saddique has put together useful tips to help businesses, great and small to generate links.

Link Building is an active program that increases the number of inbound links into a website or cross-linking within a website in order to increase that site's placement in the search engine rankings for specific keywords.

The most important factor that search engines utilise are links. Waseem Saddique is a Link Building expert, he can increase the quantity and also quality of links to your website. This will then increase the importance of your pages by search engines, therefore helping them to rank higher in search results.

“If you follow my simple tips you will double your visitors, and double your profit,” says Waseem.

Traffic is what makes a company successful. Waseem Saddique is a marketing specialist that can generate links to attract traffic and then sustain it.

“90% of my clients I work with are not implementing a cohesive inbound link strategy on a daily basis, despite the majority of them understanding the importance of them.”

Waseem’s favourite link building strategy is to start with your competitors. The three main questions he investigates are; who is linking to them? Are the links from high Google PR sites? What other linking strategies do your competitors have?

“Start with your competitors or who is already ranked in the number one position for the keyword term or phrase you are optimising.”

Mr Saddique believes that the content of a website is key to success. By developing quality content and encouraging others to share it creates quality back links to your website, increasing traffic, which in turn will generate profit.

“Quality content is what search engines like and so will your readers; allow them to comment, bookmark and share.”

Other marketing techniques Waseem has expert knowledge in are, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords. He offers online businesses all over the world a full project management service to increase their online appearance and sales.

Get your marketing right and you never need to worry ever again. Get it wrong and you may as well just flush your money down the drain.