Saturday, 5 March 2011

Get Started With Mobile Search Marketing!

Worldwide, the number of consumers who own a mobile phone is far greater than the number who own a computer.

“This means that it is more important than ever for your business to build and grow a mobile presence, irrespective of whether you are trying to sell tickets to an event, rooms in a hotel, cars or houses!” Says marketing expert, Waseem Saddique.

In 12 months the mobile advertising market has grown by 41%. The mobile market represents a new and ever-growing route to market for businesses.

In the UK, ownership of iPhones or Android devices continues to grow rapidly, as does the number of people using phones to search for businesses. Almost 13 million people in the UK alone own a smartphone and over 13.5 million people now surf the internet on their mobile.

“Now is the time to ensure your business has a place in mobile marketing especially if you sell products or services.” Says Waseem.

The way people use the internet is about to change. If the browsing habits of your target market change you will need to adapt your online presence.

When Pay Per Click was born it transformed online advertising, however with the rapid growth of mobile search marketing there are several key differences between online and mobile Pay Per Click.

Mobile PPC ads have different device restrictions, a new viewing context, and the needs of customers are also completely different.

Mobile PPC campaigns should ideally link to mobile websites. Mobile internet users have time restrictions so the PPC ads need to be eye-catching. Mobile PPC can also be targeted according to location due to the introduction of GPS smartphones.

If you have not yet considered mobile marketing for your business, now is the best time to get involved and capture additional mobile traffic.