Monday, 11 July 2011

Improve Website Conversions

Waseem Saddique is a marketing expert and is offering his expertise on how to improve website conversions to companies all over the world to ensure they are successful in increasing revenue.
Improving your web site conversion rate is the most important thing you can focus on if you want to increase revenue. Every website loses potential customers due to discouraging sales funnels and badly designed websites.

“There is never a better time to review your whole site to see why it might fail to convert interested prospects,” says marketing expert Waseem Saddique.

High traffic results don’t necessarily mean that your website and marketing measures are successful. Once the traffic is guided to your website prospects need to be converted into buying customers.

“Generating traffic is relatively easy compared to conversions. I mean, you can buy traffic but you can't buy conversions,” Waseem Saddique explains

The tricky part of marketing is increasing the percentage or rate at which you convert traffic to qualified leads or sales.

Below are Waseem Saddique’s basic tactics that you can use in order to increase conversion rates on your website:

Understand the intent of your traffic - There are different stages of the sales cycle, visitors will need different landing pages and content with different offers and information at each stage. You will need to create engaging offers that attract the visitor’s attention – this way prospects will be more willing to invest their time in making a purchase.

Make the most of Google analytics - Ensure to track the behaviour of your audiences. Use Google analytics data to clearly understand the behaviour of your web browsers and prospective clients.

Be prepared for the ‘window shoppers’ - Some prospective buyers are still in the research stages, you will need a different marketing strategy for less qualified prospects.

Make relevant landing pages - The landing pages need to be relevant to your ads! Users need a consistent and seamless user experience. You need to ensure that browsers are engaged and moving through the purchase.

Test your landing pages - Spend time developing and testing your landing pages through split tests.

If you put these tactics to good use, over time it will give you a significant edge of the competition.