Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Marketing Expert, Waseem Saddique to set-up Marketing Agency in Brazil

Marketing Expert, Waseem Saddique is currently in discussions regarding the set-up of a joint venture with a marketing agency in Brazil.

This will be a great investment for Mr Saddique to expand his marketing initiatives overseas.

Mr Saddique is a marketing specialist and understands the key principles when it comes to total online marketing in Brazil; he is looking to invest his money setting up a marketing agency to help businesses in Brazil improve their online appearance.

Brazil has long been a follower for emerging-market internet trends and it’s riding a wave that will soon sweep the globe. The newest billion people to venture online are doing so in developing countries rather than North America or Europe.

The number of people using the internet in Brazil is growing at a fast rate. Brazilian residential internet users have nearly doubled in the last three years, an excellent initiative to venture into marketing in Brazil.

“Marketing companies in Brazil are rare, but when you do find one the price they charge is extortionate, I aim to bring together a vibrant unity of passionate designers, copywriters, developers and marketers,” says Waseem Saddique.

Waseem Saddique has a wealth of knowledge in online marketing and sales training. He has project managed over fifty businesses to provide a range of marketing services including PPC Management, Link building, Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords Management.

Waseem Saddique’s main experiences include online marketing, “Online marketing guarantees to maximize your exposure to customers. I believe a website must give prospective customers a reason to look around and take action. In order to sell a service, establishing trust is vital to make profit.” A number of solutions are used to maximize the impact that a company’s online marketing efforts have.

The marketing Agency in Brazil will provide inventive and cost effective online marketing strategies to develop new businesses and expand existing companies at a reduced cost compared to the average online marketing agencies in Brazil.

“We promise to deliver an excellent level of service to all of our clients. We will take care of any online marketing issues that may arise. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, social media, link building or the design and development of websites, we take care of it. We know how little things make a big difference, so we will offer a first class service to all of our clients,” says Waseem Saddique.