Friday, 10 February 2012

Make it Worthwhile For Your Customers: Optimize the Online Experience

Waseem Saddique offers advice on keeping your customers coming back for more!

One of the common problems with online marketing and advertising nowadays is that businesses can spend vast amounts of money on glamorous advertising and marketing campaigns designed to attract customers to their own websites.

What the customer is then ultimately led to is a website that is anything but glamorous. Part of making online advertising and marketing work for your company is keeping it consistent and keeping it realistic.

Misleading Malfunction

If your advertising or marketing campaign out shines the image of your website then you have already lost the battle in keeping potential customers on your site. After all, they are left feeling disappointed with the final result and they feel mislead and part of attracting customers is to build that element of trust. 

Whilst running Waseem Saddique Marketing Services I have learnt a few tricks. The first bit of advice I can give is this:

‘The key principle is to stick to a campaign that does not overreach and is in keeping with where your company is at. This means that customers are not left feeling disappointed; they know what they’re going to get’.

Waseem Saddique’s top tips for optimising your website to attract the customers

  1. Look at what your competitors are doing and go one better - Rather than trying to keep up with your competitors or trying to ‘outdo’ them, see what you can learn from them and manipulate it to your own advantage. You’ll be amazed at what you can actually learn from a competitor when you change your focus from reactive thinking to pro-active thinking.  
  2. Make your website interactive – If your advertising is interactive and features ‘call to action’ slogans, then your website should do the same. By doing this you are effectively inviting customers to interact with your business. Inviting them to a ‘static website’ after enticing them with glamorous advertising campaigns will render your brand ineffective and therefore forgettable.
  3. Stimulate the senses – The use of videos, music, sounds and images in motion is becoming a far more common feature of websites. This is because they stimulate the senses and offer a completely different experience of a website than simply filling a website with endless amounts of text. Whilst copy plays a part in optimising your site, it needs to be used in the right way and if you’re able to master the balance of copy with interactive website features you’re on the road to success.
  4. Leave the customer feeling fulfilled – If the customer is left feeling satisfied throughout your advertising campaign they will almost certainly come back for more. If your overall marketing plan is consistent from initial attraction, through to the experience of visiting your website, then your brand will stick in their minds. Your overall goal should be to optimise your website to increase customer satisfaction. Is should be easy to navigate, interactive, accessible and provide the necessary information that your customers require of your service.
Waseem Saddique is the CEO of Waseem Saddique Marketing Services, which has been operating since 2008.