Monday, 14 May 2012

Get Connected With Your Customers – Using Mobile Marketing to Promote Your Business

Birmingham based marketing expert, Waseem Saddique, offers his insight into the benefits of mobile marketing

In an age where mobile devices are a prominent feature of society, businesses have the potential to connect with customers through a wide variety of mediums. If you’re a business looking for a fresh and innovative approach that will connect with, and keep customers engaged with your business, then mobile marketing may be the solution to your needs.

One of the most effective means of mobile marketing at present is the use of mobile applications (also known as apps). In order to develop an effective application, it would be worth seeking the advice of a technical expert to assist you. A mobile application can be offered to customers in order to make doing business with your company really simple.

Studies have revealed that mobile applications provide an unlimited level of connectivity between companies and customers, as customers who download company mobile apps are then able to connect with that company through other platforms, such as social media or directly through a company website.

Waseem Saddique comments: “Recent studies have shown that an appealing mobile application has the potential to encourage 84% of people to download it within an hour, from my experience, I am not aware of a marketing medium that establishes such a swift connection with a target audience.”

Establishing an effective Mobile Application Marketing Plan

Once your business has developed an engaging and interactive mobile application, the next step is to consider how to use it to promote your business. For instance a ‘fun’ application could be used as a gift, which will act as an incentive to drive traffic to your website.

A ‘functional’ application (i.e. something that requires a response, such as filling out a form) can be used to give customers the opportunity to establish a connection with your business and encourage them to use the service your business has to offer.

As an extra incentive, why not consider offering your mobile app free of charge? Waseem Saddique states: “Offering a free app that drives traffic to your website in order to download it will not only increase your search engine page rank, but the increased volume of people visiting your site will also raise public awareness of your site and your business, which in turn could lead to an increase in company sales and income.”

Aside from apps, the vast number of mobile devices that are available to people means that connectivity with customers can be achieved in many ways. Mobile marketing can be implemented in many ways, mobile phones, smart phones and iphones, offer the opportunity for marketing through SMS, e-mail and social networking.

Other advances in technology such as the Apple iPad and the Kindle mean mobile marketing can be achieved on a truly global scale. Marketing through mobile devices is certainly considered to be ‘the future’ of marketing and advertising as they offer constant connectivity with consumers that are constantly on the move. So in order to stay connected with your customers, embrace the future.