Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What’s the ‘Cloud’ & is it the Future of Digital Content Storage? Waseem Saddique Marketing Investigates

The ‘Cloud’ is arguably the hottest trending topic in marketing at present, but what’s all the fuss about? Waseem Saddique Marketing Services investigates the ‘buzz’ behind the ‘Cloud’.
Waseem Saddique comments: “In a recent statement issued by Gartner Inc. the company predicted that 2013 will see one-third of consumers’ digital-content stored in the ‘Cloud’ system. However, a number of consumers have been left baffled as to what the ‘Cloud’ system is.”

What is the ‘Cloud?’
In order to explain the concept of the ‘Cloud’ here’s a simple analogy.
Previous technologies such as floppy disks, CD’s and even USB drives provided you with a physical piece of hardware on which you could store those important files, music and photographs.

The ‘Cloud’ removes the ‘physical hardware’ aspect so photos featured on Facebook, or movies streamed via ‘Love Film’ for instance, are not stored on the hard drive of a computer it’s stored somewhere else, the ‘Cloud’.

The simplest explanation given is that the Cloud is simply a form of Internet storage. A number of technology specialists would argue that it is more complex than that and of course it is, but based on the assumption we’re not all technologically savvy, this explanation will suffice.
In technological terms, the Cloud, otherwise known as cloud computing, refers to data that is hosted on or operates via an Internet server. A number of major digital marketing service providers have such servers in place including: Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Apple.

Cloud’ Benefits   
Arguably the greatest benefit of using ‘Cloud’-based services or ‘Cloud’ computing is that your data is not stored on one device, it’s accessible across multiple devices. You can access e-mails and other applications from any computer. Furthermore, with cloud storage facilities such as Google Drive, SugarSync and Dropbox, you have the capacity to store those important files.

Another great perk of ‘Cloud’ storage is the back-up it offers. Even if your computer hard drive crashes, all is not lost because your files are stored across various services, which are immediately accessible from another computer.

Waseem Saddique states: “The ‘Cloud’ is extremely beneficial for businesses that have huge amounts of data to store and based on the evidence the future of digital content storage is firmly heading in this direction.”

‘Cloud’ Caution
What makes the ‘Cloud’ so unique is that data is stored on the Internet, the drawback to that is that an online connection is required in order to access data. This would not be a complication with a physical piece of hardware such as a ‘USB pen’.

Waseem Saddique concludes: “The ‘Cloud’ also raises the question of security, given that it is an internet-based service. Consumers are understandably protective of their online digital content and whilst great strides are made to preserve privacy and security, caution should be taken when using the ‘Cloud’. It’s recommended that users have strong passwords.”