Monday, 24 June 2013

How to Use Skype to Enhance Business Profitability | A Waseem Saddique Marketing Guide

Skype has recently announced that its users spend 2 billion minutes per day connecting, this equates to enough time to view approximately 16 million videos or journey to the moon and back at least 225,000 times.

This represents a massive global audience for businesses to tap into and Waseem Saddique Marketing Services has issued some essential information for business owners on how to use Skype to enhance business profitability.

Vital Information
  •     Use Skype to cut costs
  •     Use Skype to grow consumer audiences
  •     Use Skype to do business with other businesses
  •     Use Skype to host seminars and charge a fee

Waseem Saddique asserts: “Skype is free and enables businesses to call and conference anyone, immediately eliminating the cost of calling mobile phones and landlines. This already represents a significant decrease in financial outgoings for the majority of companies.”

Companies can also utilise ‘Skype Numbers’, which allow potential consumers, current clients  and other callers to contact one centralised ‘Skype Number’ from anywhere in the world. This allows for significant financial savings to be made as it eradicates the need for numerous telephone lines and purchasing mobile phones excessively.

However, should telephones be an integral part of a business, Skype calls can be routed through current phone systems without disruption and tying up telephone lines.

Waseem Saddique comments: “Skype not only improves productivity, but it eliminates so many costs involved with running a business. The money saved can be put to better use in areas such as advertising, improving customer service and building business prominence.”

As Skype is a widely free service, companies have been encouraged to engage audiences using the system. It allows business users to conduct on-line presentations, in real time, should they be unable to represent themselves ‘in the flesh’.

Statistics show that consumers are more likely to purchase goods or services if they can ‘see them in action’, a solution that Skype offers, resulting in more sales and therefore increasing profit margins.

The Skype free service is compatible from PC-to-PC and represents the most cost effective way of using Skype to reduce financial outgoings.

Waseem Saddique states: “Skype is a simple application to install and the possibilities for its use are endless. The most notable impact that it has on increasing business profitability is that is reduces costs and effectively pays for itself because it opens up a massive consumer audience and can be utilised as an effective marketing tool.”

Simply initiating Skype as the primary communication tool within a business reduces company outgoings instantly and a number of marketing experts, according to, have implored business owners to seriously consider using Skype on a frequent basis for online marketing and advertising purposes.”

In a statement issued on Mashable’s website it’s stated that: “Skype is immensely versatile, in addition to video chat and instant messaging, it offers voice calling from desktops and mobile devices, as well as file sharing. Companies will certainly witness some, if not substantial, growth in terms of profit margins when using it.”