Thursday, 20 June 2013

Waseem Saddique Marketing | A 3 Step Guide for Using Facebook ‘Hashtags’ to Enhance Online Marketing

Following the announcement that Facebook will be introducing ‘hashtags’(#) to the social networking site, Waseem Saddique Marketing reveals how businesses can capitalise in terms of enhancing their online marketing efforts.

Waseem Saddique Marketing provides a 3 step guide that will pave the way for increased communication with current and potential customers.

Step One

Increase Advertising Efforts on Facebook – Waseem Saddique states: “The new Facebook ‘hashtags’ will allow advertisers to identify ‘hot-spots’ of activity relevant to their business. Therefore, an online marketing campaign incorporating Facebook and the new ‘hashtag’ system will allow businesses to be even more target specific.”

Step Two 

Be Proactive – Maintenance of a Facebook page will be vital following the introduction of the ‘hashtag’ system. Potential customers will be entering into online conversation topics in real time providing an immediate way for businesses to promote themselves to a particular audience, live!

Many organisations now employ social media specialists to administrate and monitor the day-to-day running of social media activity with hugely successful results. Waseem Saddique states: “The implementation of ‘hashtags’ on Facebook will only increase the need to be posting regularly on Facebook. To stay ahead of rivals it’s highly recommended to update Facebook profiles and pages consistently.”

Step Three

Engage the Audience Consumers recognise, and are attracted to, Facebook pages that are updated regularly. Hashtags will enhance the ability to attract an audience and by drawing in the consumer audience it presents businesses with the perfect opportunity to instigate a hashtag conversation that’s relevant to both business and consumer.

The ‘hashtag’ system will be an ideal platform to initiate a fact finding exercise. Waseem 
Saddique recommends the following:

·         Conduct a poll using the hashtag system
·         Promote offers and competitions
·         Provide ‘Did You Know?’ data such as statistical information relevant to your business
·         Ask questions that generate debate, but subtly glean information i.e. Is Chanel’s new perfume slightly overpriced? – If you’re a perfume supplier you’re creating debate, yet subtly establishing whether your audience uses Chanel or another brand of perfume

The Facebook ‘hashtag’ system will reveal all this information in real time and allow businesses to react instantly to the information that’s supplied. In terms of enhancing online marketing the Facebook ‘hashtag’ system hopes to emulate the ‘hashtag’ system of Twitter, the social media site from which the # (hashtag) originates.

As a supplementary incentive for businesses, ease of access to target audiences will be made simplistic as companies will be able to click hashtagged words and instantly view discussion feeds related to a particular topic.

In a statement from Facebook executives, they said: “The online marketing potential for businesses worldwide will be taken to a whole new level. At present we have plans to roll out hashtags to 20% of our users, with a global roll out planned shortly afterwards.”