Monday, 10 June 2013

Why Your SME should adopt an E-marketing Strategy | A Waseem Saddique Marketing Insight

In light of an e-marketing boom in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Waseem Saddique Marketing urges SMEs all over the world to adopt an e-marketing strategy.

SMEs in the UAE currently represent 40% of the nation’s GDP and they are considered responsible for the generation of over 40% of domestic employment requirements.

What’s the reason for the growing success of SMEs in the UAE? The answer is effective e-marketing strategies. Waseem Saddique asserts: “When executed correctly, an online marketing strategy holds the key to broadening the reach of a business beyond the realms of its usual client base and into unknown territory.”

Due to the cost effective nature of online marketing, when compared with traditional methods, internet based marketing adds much more value to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), according to a top executive at Genesis Consulting based in Dubai.

Following the rise of the global recession, SMEs have become an integral part of the economy in countries such as Bahrain and other regions across the Middle-East. However, this is not just a Middle-Eastern trend. Countries such as the UK are arguably keeping their economies afloat, thanks in part, to the influence of SMEs

However, where SMEs in countries like Bahrain and the UK are missing out is their failure to recognise the value of internet marketing quickly enough to compete with their competitors.

Waseem Saddique states: “For instance, across the UK less ‘tech-savvy’ SMEs are reportedly losing out on £122 billion in sales revenue by neglecting to develop and establish a sustainable marketing plan, particularly one that involves an online strategy, according to a survey published in March 2013 by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.”

The importance of SMEs adopting an online marketing strategy cannot be underestimated according to marketing experts. The market potential is huge and SMEs simply have to embrace platforms such as social media including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Online marketing is an ideal platform for SMEs particularly those just starting out as it provides the perfect opportunity to promote and grow a company across a worldwide audience.

The majority of the consumer base, across many nations, is now based online and online marketing now offers a much more effective solution than methods such as print media advertising.

Recent media trends highlight that the influence of online advertising continues to gather pace and has a very distinct edge over other media platforms. The majority of consumers now refer to the internet for information and to purchase products or services.

One of the biggest challenges faced by online marketing specialists across the UK and the Middle East for instance, is how best to educate SMEs of the importance and value of online marketing.

For many SMEs the biggest barrier to committing to online marketing is their desire for instant results. If an online marketing campaign does not deliver results within a month they dismiss its value and move onto another strategy.

Waseem Saddique comments: “This approach to marketing is just not sustainable, nor is it time or cost effective. It’s better to adopt one strategy and do it well, rather than have several strategies that deliver average results.”

Research published by revealed that Facebook usage in Bahrain, and the Middle East (excluding North Africa), stood at over 26% (24 million) of the total internet user population of 90 million as of June last year.

This means that the market is there for SMEs, they just need to switch onto the potential and embrace the concept of online marketing.

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