Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Birmingham marketing experts reveal SEO tips

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of making additions or changes to websites in order to help improve search rankings on search engines such-as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Internal links:
Waseem Saddique Marketing suggests using internal links wherever and as much as possible. This does not only make the users browsing experience much easier, it also helps search engines to understand your websites structure.

Original engaging copy:
“Never copy and paste content” a Birmingham based Waseem Saddique Marketing spokesman has said If duplicate content is discovered by a major search engine such as Google then the website that has done so will be penalised meaning rankings are affected. It’s always best to use original engaging copy.

Page content:
Copy writing specialists at WaseemSaddique Marketing in Birmingham suggest that all pages on a professional website should have a minimum of 300 words as a rule of thumb. The text should always include information that’s relevant to the page, giving users a much better experience on your website. Using this tip will help to improve your page rank and will mean avoiding high bounce rates which can often cause negative impact on your rankings.

Effective URL’s:
Including a keyword in your businesses domain name is a great start, this can help users find the exact site/ product that they are looking for. On advertising programmes such-as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search; you’re given the opportunity to have a display URL. Waseem Saddique Marketing suggests using this opportunity to your advantage. This not only engages the user searching for your product, but shows search engines how relevant your content is to the display URL you have chosen.

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