Friday, 7 February 2014

Improving your Search Engine Rankings

Waseem Saddique Marketing experts reveal 3 top tips to improve your websites search engine ranking.

Create great content:
Waseem Saddique Marketing experts from Birmingham say it’s best to start by establishing what makes your company great. Make your websites content unique and different from your competitors. Your customers need to see your company as a leader in the industry you specialise in. A website with original and fresh content is much more appealing to users and relevant content allows them to have a much better browsing experience. Writing relevant content for your website will engage users and build credibility in the industry as you will become a trusted resource for information.

Use social media:
Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your company’s website or blog. If you share interesting, engaging content with people who take interest in your social media pages then you’re more likely to gain likes, comments and shares. Google takes note of this which contributes to ranking your website higher on its search engine. A Waseem Saddique Marketing spokesperson from Birmingham has said “Social media is one of the best free advertising sources around.”

Monitor Performance:
Using tools such-as Google Analytics can help your to see how many users are interacting with your website. SEO Specialists at Waseem Saddique Marketing have said “it’s vital to monitor your websites performance in order to determine what users are most interested in.” Keeping a close eye on what pages are attracting the highest number of unique visitors can help you make changes to lower performing pages. Monitoring your keywords is also a must in order to know what keywords are driving the most traffic to your website.

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