Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Link building tips for beginners

Waseem Saddique Marketing experts from Birmingham reveal some effective link building tips for all of you link building beginners.

An SEO Specialist from Waseem Saddique Marketing in Birmingham has said “the best known way to avoid being penalised by Google is for SEOs to put all of their efforts into the building of sustainable links”. In this article experts from Waseem Saddique Marketing will reveal some effective tips.

Use a Blog or Two
Blogging is a proven successful tool used by many business and SEOs for link building. Blogging can help increase the chances of your content being shared if you have a recognised brand. Blogs often welcome comments from users and content owners. Comments by both users and content owners usually include some of the keywords that are mentioned in the blog in question which is often recognised as a ‘back-link’.

Double 0 SEO
It’s time to become an online version of James Bond (Well slightly). You may be writing articles or creating content for your business for SEO purposes. However Waseem Saddique Marketing experts believe it’s best to create your articles and content from a seemingly honest perspective or even better from someone else’s perspective. It’s always a good idea to share information about your business on as many online forums, blogs and social media sites as possible. The content should be informative and relevant to your business. This helps to increase your user visibility and means you can attract users that are interested in your products and services.

Lights, Camera… ACTION
Video backlinks can help your website if you’re able to get some video backlinks from large video sites such-as YouTube. Larger video sites provide quality backlinks. This helps your website gain more power and contributes to your overall Google ranking and ranking’s from other search engines. Video backlinks help give your website a more diverse backlink profile. A Waseem Saddique Marketing expert from Birmingham has said “Video back-links have seemed to have been higher in search engine rankings in recent months; this is the perfect time to create some video back-links if you are running a small business!”

Avoid Manipulative Links
If you have too many links such as your company name or website URL then Google can pick up on this and consider it as a link manipulation strategy. If this is the case then Google can penalise you for this which will mean you are ranked lower by them! Waseem Saddique Marketing experts suggest using quality rather than quantity. If you can use a good amount of high quality links then you will gain much better rankings from Google and various other search engines.

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