Friday, 7 March 2014

Changes for Russia’s Ad Market

Waseem Saddique Marketing Services from Birmingham reports on the changes being made to Russia’s Display Ad Market with help from Google.

Real-time bidding is one of the fastest growing marketing trends at the moment. Statistics from eMarketer has shown a huge growth.

Russian RTB Markets include Demand-Side platforms, Agency trading desks, Sell-Side platforms, Ad exchanges and Data management platforms.

In 2012 Russia’s RTB markets managed to make its way into the Top 15 list for the best growth after technology was introduced one year earlier in 2011.

An Expert from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services has said “Research has shown expectations of Russia’s RTB Media spend amounting to around 15 percent up until 2015.

Major advertising companies such-as Google, Yandex, AdFox and Facebook have now begun working on the Russian market.

Yandex – A leading Russian Internet company which operates Russia’s largest search engine created its own real-time bidding system in order to auction ad impressions to advertising systems back in 2012.

Real-time bidding allows companies to develop their own Demand-Side Platforms which helps them mediate Ad Marketing and sharing its participants.

Google is now an official partner of Yandex. Google will now be able to help enhance Ad marketing in Russia and will help facilitate global networking. However the partnership will not cover text ads and will focus primarily on display advertising, optimizing bids and fine tuning ad targeting which will enable Yandex to achieve great advertising results.

Waseem Saddique Marketing Services international PPC representative has said “It’s clear that Russia’s RTB Market will most definitely continue to develop and improve. It’s partnership with Google will increase Russia’s online advertising success.”

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