Tuesday, 18 March 2014

More penalization from Google

It seems Google’s rampage against global link networks is not over. Waseem Saddique Marketing Services saw Google announce its recent action taken against link networks including Germany’s ‘Efamous.’ It’s believed Google has recently taken action against a Spanish and Italian link network too.

Recent comments from a spokesperson at Google said “We’ve taken action on Spanish and Italian link networks that violate our quality guidelines.”

A Waseem Saddique Marketing Services SEO Specialist from Birmingham has said “Google’s message is clear, if you are using link networks in order to mass produce links to your website then you will be penalized for it.”

Back in February Google took action against other German link networks promising that more link penalization was to come. Google also took action against two Polish link networks following some dramatic changes to Poland’s search results.

Birmingham SEO professionals from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services say that link distribution in Poland is quite common and buying and selling links became a recent trend.

Google’s Matt Cutts recently announced that penalties were imminent. It’s not clear how many link networks have been penalized as of yet.

Buzzea - a French internet marketing company has been penalized by Google in recent months and have issued the following statement “We sincerely hope that the sanctions will be limited to our company. It would be truly unjust that thousands of bloggers and advertisers suffer from this illegal and abusive decision.”

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