Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mobile advertising increases

It’s time to start understanding your mobile audience; People looking for your goods or services whilst on the go or whilst taking a break from desktop technology.

Recent reports from PPC Management Company Marin Software have revealed forecasts of 50 percent of all paid advertising being done on mobile devices.

In 2013 Cost Per Click (CPC) increased at a much higher rate on mobile devices than on desktop devices. Forecasts from eMarketer show that ad spend on desktop devices will plummet during 2014.

Mobile advertising specialist’s from Waseem Saddique MarketingServices in Birmingham have said “In the last three years we have seen drastic statistical differences in yearly forecasts and analysis in the mobile advertising world, it’s certain that mobile advertising is a forever expanding online marketing factor.”

Reports from PPC experts have revealed that the average click-through rate in 2013 on a smartphone was 3.75 percent. Click through rates of 2.70 percent were recorded on tablets and 2.29 percent on desktop devices.

A PPC Analyst from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham says “If you are spending money on mobile advertising then it’s vital that your main focus is achieving high ad position on mobile devices. Your mobile ads will rank much better if you are able to create landing pages that are specifically designed for use on mobile devices.”

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