Thursday, 3 April 2014

Should I stay or should I go?

Copy-writing experts from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham reveal some key factors to keeping your online users interested in your websites content.

Have you even been on a website and found yourself reading repetitive sentences and cheesy sales lines? Or perhaps you just couldn't face reading something because of the way it was displayed or formatted?

Copy-writing experts from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham explain some simple and effective tips to keep your websites content relevant and interesting.

Wait a minute… Would I even read this?

You should always consider your users experience whilst on your website. “Ensure that your users are put first when creating compelling informative content” says a copy-writing expert from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services. Everything on your website should be designed and created to keep the typical online user engaged. You should consider what your customers want, their interests and most importantly for you, what your sales pitch is going to be.

The three main questions you should ask yourself when creating content for your website should be:

  • Which buyer's do you want to target in upcoming months?
  • How do your users and potential customers consume your content?
  • What stages of the purchase process does the typical user of your website start to consume you content?
It’s vital to create content for each part of the users purchasing process.

This website is hard to understand!

A website development consultant from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham has said “you should always put yourself in the user’s shoes. If you don’t like the way that your site functions, then why would your customers?”

For every piece of content you create for your site, you should consider the users experience whilst reading it. Your content should automatically answer any questions that the user may have and include any information that the customer could possibly want to know.

Understanding your contents structure could be the difference between losing and gaining new customers or even just users who visit your website. Any information included in your content should definitely dictate the structure of your content.

What do I want to achieve?

Most importantly you should know what your goals are. Before creating any content for your website you should consider and plan out your main goals. Once you have decided your main intentions, you should decide how you’re going to approach the way you display your content.

Your main goals should be displayed clearly in your content.

This site looks professional!

We all know that first impressions are vital; whether it’s the layout of your website or the content you chose to display on there. SEO specialists from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services has said “Creating compelling headlines and section headers in blog posts, case studies or even white papers is one of the most effective proven ways to leave a good first impression on a user.”

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