Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Google Analytics: Remarketing with Waseem Saddique

Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham reveal the latest on smarter remarketing with Google Analytics.

Less is more? Sometimes

Many marketers love the numerous dimensions they can use to create remarketing lists when using Google Analytics whilst others are overwhelmed by the number of possibilities.

Google has revealed that it’s now simplifying its Analytics programme whilst still ensuring great results for its users. It’s announced that they have now introduced a new type of remarketing list, one of which is managed automatically.

PPC Analyst’s from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham say that changes by Google will certainly be “beneficial” for Google Analytics users.

The Smart Lists are built using machine learning across the numerous Google Analytics websites which have opted to share conversion data which allows Google to see signals such-as Visit Durations, Page Depth, Location, Device types and various other specifics.

Based on the websites onsite actions, Analytics is able to calibrate remarketing campaigns to align with each user’s value.

eCommerce transaction tracking users which have enough traffic and conversions will see Smart Lists being automatically upgraded. Lists will be customized based on unique characteristics that cause visitors to convert. Only the user will have access to this list and no new data will be shared.

Google Quoted “For practitioners, the promise of big data is also the burden - there are so many analyses to run, so much opportunity.  With Smart Lists, as with Data Driven Attribution, Google Analytics is operationalizing statistical analysis - making us not just smarter marketers - but faster and more nimble.”

An analytics expert from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services in Birmingham has said “It will be most beneficial for users to ensure that their Google Analytics goals and transactions are imported into AdWords, users should combine their Smart List with Conversion Optimizer using Target CPA or even ROAS in AdWords.”

Those who are new to remarketing will see the new Smart List as a great way to get started with strong performance results.

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