Friday, 24 February 2012

Getting Your British Brand Into Brazil – Part Two

Waseem Saddique offers further advice on getting your British brand into the Brazilian market

As well as taking advantage of the digital revolution that is currently taking place in Brazil at the moment, British brands need to understand the culture and ‘flavour’ of Brazil in order to really establish their brand as a force in what is fast becoming a competitive market. 

Many British brands are able to add a vast knowledge of digital marketing and advertising to the Brazilian economy, however, many Brazilian advertising executives suggest that British businesses lack the understanding of Brazilian interests in order to take their digital advertising to the next level.

Many British brands that have tried to penetrate the Brazilian market have done so by creating a frenzy of ‘hype’, without delivering a product or service to back up the hype, or that appeals to Brazilian culture.

How can this be improved?

In the first instance, British brands really need to understand the people they are aiming their brand at. Many Brazilian advertising experts recommend adding some ‘Brazilian flavour’ to an advertising or marketing campaign.

Waseem Saddique comments: “there are many ways that British brands can make themselves more attractive to the Brazilian consumer. One such way is to Sponsor major Brazilian events using the digital element that British brands utilise so well.”

For example, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival takes place every year and provides the perfect platform for British brands to advertise and market themselves to the whole Brazilian nation, using digital marketing and incorporating that Brazilian flavour, which will appeal to the Brazilian culture.

The Brazilian nation also loves its football and with the FIFA World Cup set to arrive on Brazilian shores in 2014, this scenario is perfect for British brands to really establish a solid advertising or marketing campaign using digital media to its full potential.

If there’s one thing that Brazil and Britain has in common, it is the love of football. Therefore, this puts a British brand in a much better position to understand Brazilian culture as they share a common passion.

In 2016 Brazil is also set to host the Olympic games and with Britain hosting the 2012 Olympic games, another common theme is already in place for British brands to break into the Brazilian market. 

There is in fact so much that British brands can learn about Brazilian culture over the coming years that will help them to establish a strong advertising and marketing presence in the Brazilian nation, particularly through the use of digital promotion.

As a note of caution, what British brands need to be wary of is assuming that because they are from an established Western nation that will be enough to ensure the survival of the brand because the demand for Western products is high.

However, without adding that touch of Brazilian ‘flavour’ to an advertising campaign or to a product or service, the Brazilian consumer is very unlikely to be won over. Pure ‘hype’ alone will do very little to impress or have an impact. The British brand needs to give itself a ‘Brazilian edge.’