Monday, 15 April 2013

Successfully Implement Your Business Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps

Waseem Saddique Marketing has learnt that a number of marketing strategies are failing as a result of poor planning. In a recent report issued by ‘Lionbridge’, 36% of business leaders admitted to adopting a ‘scatter-gun’ approach when it came to marketing strategy. This approach has seen an increase in the number of online marketing campaigns doomed to fail before they even begin.

In a bid to combat this trend, Waseem Saddique Marketing provides a few simple tips for implementing a successful marketing plan.

Waseem Saddique states: “The marketing plan is just as important as the marketing strategy itself. After all, the plan lays the foundation for an entire marketing campaign. If the foundation is not structured correctly, the strategy itself runs the risk of failing.”

Marketing commentators make the point that business leaders need to possess the ability to step back and evaluate the progress of a marketing campaign to ensure that the initial plan is being adhered to and that the company is heading in the right direction.

So what are the tactics for keeping your marketing strategy on track?

Step 1 – Evaluate and Monitor: Waseem Saddique comments: “This cannot be emphasised enough, the moment a business loses sight of the original marketing plan is the moment that strategies go astray.”

Keeping track of articles, social media, videos, blogs and adverts is a necessity and can be achieved through ‘Google Analytics’ and other such resources. Adopting this approach allows business leaders the freedom to evaluate which strategies are working and worth pursuing and which marketing tactics are worth eliminating.

Step 2 – Seek feedback: Request regular feedback and testimonials from clients as this will give your business a key insight into whether your marketing tactics are having the desired effect. Statistics from analytical tools only provide a partial assessment of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. However, consumers will provide an honest evaluation of your campaign whether good or bad.

After all, it’s consumers that your business is reaching out to and they’re the people that truly determine whether your marketing approach is doing the job it’s supposed to be doing.

Step 3 - Always be planning: Planning doesn’t end at the beginning, marketing plans have to grow in order to incorporate new ideas and fresh tactics. Waseem Saddique states: “A marketing strategy is something more than a ‘once a year’ phase. Marketing campaigns will take different courses throughout the year, adapting for seasonal promotions and special offers etc…”

It’s important to plan constantly, but without navigating away from the roots of the initial marketing plan. A solid foundation allows business leaders to have a freedom and flexibility, which enables them to adjust a marketing strategy depending on trends.

The best marketing campaigns are ones that are executed on the foundation of a solid plan, ensuring greater longevity and overall success. Did you know? The CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) surveyed 40 businesses in 2012 as to whether their marketing plan had contributed to the overall success of an online marketing campaign. 79% of respondents implied that the plan was key to the campaign.